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Exposed to the music of the 60s while incubating inside mothers / musical preference

Well, my father, who went to Woodstock and many other wild and crazy concerts during the 60's, listened to some interesting music while I was in the womb and continued to after I was born...which I'm sure influence my outlook on music preference - though being a borderline hard determinist I believe most of our personalities and preferences are fixed at conception. 
Just a sample of what my dad listened to during my early years:
The Crazy World of Arturo Brown - anyone remember him shouting at the intro of the song..."I am the god of all hell fire"...and "fire, we're gonna take to you hell"..."your gonna burn,  you're gonna burn...". I bought the CD a few months ago to jog my memory.
- German war marches and war speeches from Hitler (on vinyl)...probably a collector album now, with giant swastika banners on the front cover with Hitler at the podium and thousands of soldiers in the audience  (and no, I'm not an anti-Semite).
- Black Sabbath's self titled album released in 1970 (not 60's but my dad never let go of the 60's until the late 70s)..."What is this that stands before me..."
- Hawkwind's "Space Ritual Live" - again an early 70's album but in line with what he listened to in the 60's...."Flying is trying is dying"...great psychedelic stuff. Who knows what he played while I was in the womb in 1967.
And of course, a lot...A LOT of Bob Dylan.
....many more than this, and in the meantime, my mother was trying to counter-balance all of this with 60's folk music, playing and singing it on the guitar. 
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i wonder how much being exposed to the music of the 60s while incubating inside our mothers influenced us to gravitate toward musical preference...?