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Me too,   but in early childhood, I recall being fascinated with my dad's' early recordings of Ledbelly (Alabama blues singer),  the original french recording of Musique Concrete,  and the Folies Bergère ( from my Mom's collection).     
In jr. high,  I just couldn't relate to pop music of the day , including the likes of "Yellow polka dot bikini" and pre-Elvis crooners, but I did like the humor of songs like  "Purple people eater".  The first albums that I ever purchased were when I was a kid were the "Soviet Army Chorus" and "Turandot", rather than the folk music which I also liked. 
Years of therapy have not fully sorted out the impact of this  ;-)

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I was post-incubation in the sixties, I'm sorry to say. And my family listened to Herb Alpert, Booker T, Sergio Mendes, and Pete Fountain.

On the other hand, it's all there I guess, in a kind of remove-the-fiber-from-the-whole-grains sort of way: Latin, jazz, funk, and traditional jazz. And it's insights like that that lead folks into therapy.