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RC-50: (6 "channels" on 3 loops possible...)

I know I'm a bit late on this,but just a few RC-50 comments:

1. not enough loops?
Too many loops - especially with a hardware-only solution - are damn hard 
to control. You can really do A LOT with three stereo loops. An UNDO 
function to undo multiple layers (overdubs) would have been nice, though.

If you are pretty crazy and you work mono only, you could do this:
Get yourself an A/B switch. Now you have actually 6 channels. You cannot 
control them independently (each pair has same length). However, you can 
modify one of the 6 layers without messing up the others. You can use PAN 
to control the volume of each "channel".

2. Noise?
I find the RC-50 VERY transparent. Check all your cables, connections 
along the whole chain. I once used cheaper cables and it really ruined the 

3. Modelling
Can be turned off easily.

best regards

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