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Re: what gear to aquire?

Good grief...$10K? Cripes. That's overkill, eh?  Get a top of the line macbook pro (spend at least $3000 and max it out with options memory, fastest duo core processors, etc), a Fireface 800 audio interface, MAX/MSP, Reaktor, and all the additional VST effects you need that you can't muster to create or find for MAX and Reaktor.  I can't think of anything else one would need for a steller looping system. You can replace $10K of hardware with $5k of software and notebook, and not be stuck with bunch hardware effects that you are bored of in 5 years. You just keep evolving with Max and Reaktor. The only restriction is time and creativity.  And with MAX, you can host Mobius for free, or create your own max looper, borrowing from some of us max loopers.  Heck, you could use max to host Reaktor and Mobius and nothing else and do the work of at least $5K of hardware.
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Subject: what gear to aquire?

what would be the most powerfull loop set up for a 10,000 spending limit?...what units work best together?forgett the rc50(maybe just one for kicks)...would it be best to use a powerfull machine like a looperlative/ edp in isolation...or...with a smorgasborg of other less powerfull loopers?should i buy one or two of everything on the market and figure it out for myself(most likely)...ease of set up is a high priority as im lazy and repulsed by clutter...

maybe i could get some ideals if some of you folks posted your dream loop set ups..

my wet behind the ears dream set up would probaly look like this=

instruments----effects----dual edps---looperlative---laptop & mobius----amps


instruments----mixer(edps/looperlative in effect loop)---amps


guitar/violin----looperlative----amp****bass/cello----looperlative----amp****keyboard----looperlative----amp****percussion table(toys& wierd noisemakers)----looperlative----amp  ...........everything running in sync but each instrument to its own amp

thanks,  Danny nice the antichrist...