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what gear to aquire?

what would be the most powerfull loop set up for a 10,000 spending limit?...what units work best together?forgett the rc50(maybe just one for kicks)...would it be best to use a powerfull machine like a looperlative/ edp in isolation...or...with a smorgasborg of other less powerfull loopers?should i buy one or two of everything on the market and figure it out for myself(most likely)...ease of set up is a high priority as im lazy and repulsed by clutter...

maybe i could get some ideals if some of you folks posted your dream loop set ups..

my wet behind the ears dream set up would probaly look like this=

instruments----effects----dual edps---looperlative---laptop & mobius----amps


instruments----mixer(edps/looperlative in effect loop)---amps


guitar/violin----looperlative----amp****bass/cello----looperlative----amp****keyboard----looperlative----amp****percussion table(toys& wierd noisemakers)----looperlative----amp  ...........everything running in sync but each instrument to its own amp

thanks,  Danny nice the antichrist...