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AW: what gear to aquire? - other .02$

Hey Danny,

with a budget like this, you can do real LOADS of stuff. And that makes it
both easier and more complicated.

A few ideas for starters:

* There are three basic setup options: all hardware, all computer and
* Complex loopers are not easy to set up - you'll at least have to program
your MIDI foot controller to make full use of their features.
* I always recommend a non-linear topology (meaning mixer or automated
patchbay like Switchblade), because this will allow you to place effects in
any place in the signal chain rather than at a fixed point (e.g. either
before or after the looper).
* Hardware-wise, I have always liked the Repeater. It should be even more
powerful now with the new software.
* Make two setups, one very simple one (guitar floorboard into DD20 or DL4)
and one very powerful one.
* For a typical musician's workflow, optimizing the computer (if any) for
fast and automated bootup makes sense.