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gig spam colorado loopage

Fri. 27th. "Concept" (Paul Mimlitsch - guitar/loopage, Richard Ball - 
horns/flutes/kalimba/berimbau/loopage) @ Timberline Gallery, Main St., 
Evergreen, CO. 5-8pm.

Sat. 28th. "Java Groove Outdoor Cafe" summer concert series @ "Java 
Groove Coffeehouse", Main St., Evergreen, CO.  11-12: Paul Mimlitsch 
(guitar) w/ Meg York (clarinet/ flutes), 12-1:30: "Before the Rain" 
(electro/ acoustic trio version),  2-3 Christopher Cardone (9 string 
bass).  All doing some sort of looping.

<< http://web.mac.com/pmimlitsch/iWeb/Site/CD.html >>

<< http://www.sonicbids.com/concept >>

<< http://web.mac.com/pmimlitsch/ >>

<< http://www.beforetherainband.com/ >>