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Spell on Arthur Brown

  I remember Arthyr Brown from psychedelic days ( or daze) and he was 
outrageous.Don't want to take deserved props away from him ,but he wasn't 
the first one to do spooky theatrics in rock/pop. I do believe he was 
inspired by Screamin' Jay Hawkins of I Put a Spell on You fame, who would 
get out of a coffin onstage etc. James Brown  copped part of his early 
schtick from Hawkins,  becoming so overcome with emotion that he fell down 
and would be led off stage by someone who wrapped a cape around his 
shoulders(Hawkins wore a cape) .JB would turn and throw off the cape and 
ruch back center stage and go down on his knees and go back to screaming.I 
believe it was on te song Please Please Please I saw the bit in about 65 
I'm not sure.