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wow Rick has a vast percussional past....

have anyone ever studied rhythmic incantations?i read somewhere that Danny Carey from TOOL has used supposed incantations in his drumming...overlooking the hogwash i am interested in the subject...(scales=patterns)

how about subliminal suggestion via sound/vision?im sure most of us have heard about retail stores  and wealthy churches using and sub-audible pulse to place the target in a receptive state of mind...

i used to have a book about these things back in the early 90s it was called something like "music of the spheres" or something like that, and it delt with elements of music (earth wind fire and ground if i remember correctly)and the evolution of military marches/religious music and the psychology of such,and dabbled in subliminal manipulation...i wish i could remember that title(i blame the acid).

over and out,,,  evil d's fish and chips