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Re: best laptop on the planet for music and video?

I'm assuming you mean PC, because in the mac world, the macbook pro is 
pretty much the beast to get, right?

For PCs, you can always spend countless hours comparing specs and reading 
user reviews loaded with generalizations and slams against manufactures, 
you can just look for the top line consumer review metrics, from multiple 
sources of course, and then sort them out yourself based on your needs.

http://www.consumersearch.com/www/computers/laptops/  shows Dell Inspiron 
XPS M1710 as the top rated. Macbook pro is down at #6.

Although Consumer Reports shows the following:

Apple Macbook Pro 15"
Dell Inspiron E1505

PC World has some interesting data and tests: 

Top rated power notebook: HP Pavilion HDX
Top rated All Purpose notebook: HP Pavilion dv6500t
Top rated ultra portable notebook: Dell XPS M1210

Then there is my advise...for PCs....stay away from any consumer based 
notebook. Buy a business class or commerical class notebook. There is a 
reason why when you walk into the floor of a fortune 100 company, you 
see notebooks that are on display at BestBuy, CompUSA, etc. Manufucatures 
make about $15 on those notebooks. They are virtutally disposable and 
designed to reel in sales on consumables and accessories. Big businesses 
business class notebooks that are more robust, reliable, and designed to 
address their corporate performance and security requirements. Buy a 
business class notebook directly from the manufacuture...such as Lenovo, 
etc. They are more expensive, but you pay for what you get. I spent $3600 
my Lenovo ThinkPad T60p...it is classified as a business class notebook 
workstation...you can use it as server. That price included a fully loaded 
support plan. If I have a hardware problem, a technician will actually 
to my home and perform onsite repair, like that major companies do.

Now, of course, the OCDs on this list will answer your question with 
it depends on your needs and what you want to do" and send you down 
rat holes and technical analyses that will give you headache and 
your decision tree, which is probably all valid...but we are talking about 
laptops here not $6000 custom guitars, and there is a lot of 
across platforms now, such that the major differentiation you get now is 
between the consumer based models and the business class models, where you 
will actually be able to observe a different in performance and 
But if you end up buying a consumer based notebook....just pick one of the 
top rated boxes, get the one with the fastest duo core processor, the 
fastest harddrive, and with the most memory they offer (I recommend 2gig). 
And make sure it has the IO you need...be sure it has firewire and ample 
ports.  Add a firewire audio interface and away you go.



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what lappy has all the bells & whistles,built like a tank,huge display, 
enuff speed and power to achieve global domination....not necessarily in 
that order of priority?
thanx,  danisaurus hex(second from the left, top row of sgt. peppers