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Re: Re:BackLine Engineering Announces Feature Update for RiffBox Looping Device

Short answer: no. You pick your mode, and play within it. There is no way, as far as I know, to interactively control feedback. It is more like a Boomerang than an EDP.

On 7/26/07, Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:
Thanks for thje info. I have also checked the manual but it isn't fully clear how the fade out functionality works compared to feedback control on delay's.

So if you choose Modes 31 (Automatic Fading of a Loop), the loop repeats 1 time. Mode 32 2 times and mode 40 10 times (which his the max). So if you loop in stereo, you can repeat your loop 10x times 40 sec's? Is it also possible to change the mode number while playing or recording and use it as a sort of "feedback control" mechanisme?
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