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Arthur Brown

Hi there
Having been born in 1955 with parents who showed no interest in music 
I found the effects of LSD and smoking probably had more effect than 
anything else.
I saw Arthur Brown live in the 70's at Brunel University in West 
London. Where at one part in the set he puts  a set of traffic lights 
on his head. The music getting to a grand cacophony and the lights 
changing from green to amber to RED. Anyone who took LSD probably 
understands the significance of traffic lights.

Used to go to see Hawkwind playing on Saturday afternoon in West London.
I used to take LSD whenever I was bored and I was bored a lot.

Mostly play guitar with wah wah - distortion - and lots of delay 
.Also use a GR-20 to trigger samples. Used to use a Shadow but find 
the GR-20 more reliable.

Recently purchased a Digitech Jamman (new version). Influenced by 
Steve Hillage. Steve Hackett, Gong, Hawkwind,Peter Gabriel  and many more.
How hawkwind managed to play live under the influence always amazed 
me. I find to make and play music I have to be completely straight 
but just use the experiences of life as reference.
Personally I prefer to use dedicated hardware as I find you only tend 
to use it specifically for the job in hand. I am an electronic 
engineer and software programmer so I have no prejudices about 
computers but I cannot afford to have one solely dedicated to just music.

Anyway enough of my ramblings.

Roger Parker

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