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Re: Arthur Brown

On Jul 26, 2007, at 3:06 AM, roger wrote:

> Hi there
> Having been born in 1955 with parents who showed no interest in  
> music I found the effects of LSD and smoking probably had more  
> effect than anything else.
> I saw Arthur Brown live in the 70's at Brunel University in West  
> London. Where at one part in the set he puts  a set of traffic  
> lights on his head. The music getting to a grand cacophony and the  
> lights changing from green to amber to RED.

This is (what else? :-) ) 'The Traffic Light Song' from the amazing  
album, 'Galactic Zoo Dossier'. (cd reissue from Voiceprint, UK)

Several well-known music artists in the past, particularly Alice  
Cooper and George Clinton, WAY back then,
give Arthur all the credit for originally inspring them to  
incorporate elements of theatre, etc into their stage shows.

Hey, this was a guy who was coming out on stage as early as 1967 with  
a "crown" on his head that was in LARGE FLAMES, along with "mystical"  
and with an amazing several-octaves range voice, and with a tight  
band, and more.

For anyone really interested in knowing much more about Arthur Brown  
(and there IS a LOT MORE TO FIND OUT ABOUT), then I highly REVcommend  
semi-recent  (late 2005) biography entitled (again..what else?) 'The  
God of Hellfire'.  (SAF Publishing,UK  ISBN-0 946719 77 2, hardback  


Towards the alien...

-Rev. Fever