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All In (samples)

Two weeks ago I flipped on the main power switch to the rig and all the 
pedals were making their own noise. No performer. Not even an instrument 
plugged into the rig. Yesterday morning I flipped on the main power switch 
and an entirely different tone generated itself from the assemblage. 
not even an instrument was plugged in.

Admittedly, both times I'd left the Moog MF-101 lowpass filter on a high 
enough resonance that it is self-oscillating. The indeterminate nature in 
the system is that most of the seven Moog pedals switch from bypassed to 
on and vice versa when the power cycles, so which pedals are active when 
you flip the power on is like the other player in a poker game showing 
their hand of cards.

So as I do when I hear something I find interesting, I press Record. 
Here's listening to my gear without me:

All In - a short 1.5 minute or so sine-wavy electronic pulsation with 
Doppler-esque falling squeals caused by my plugging or removing a cable 
from the input.


All In Two - thirty-one minutes of dual-delay burbling resonance, left 
entirely alone by me during the recording thereof. No input. No cable 
plugging or unplugging. Nice bass pulsations in the lower register if you 
turn it up a bit.


Free to use as you wish, if you wish. Let me know if you do use these in 

Steve Burnett   Subscape Annex  http://www.subscapeannex.com/