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Re: Help

Hi Matt,

The Boss RC20XL or RC2 should do all you need to do, although it does lack some of the sound tweaking features of the DL4.  Boss pedals seem pretty robust to me and should last well (I'm sure my RC20XL will outlast me).  Both these pedals default to auto-quantize off (in fact I don't actually know how to turn it on!).


MATTHEW STEVENS <mattstevensguitar@btinternet.com> wrote:

I need your help!

My 2nd DL4 Has Just died on me and I'm sick of the
bloody things breaking down!!!

Can anyone recommend a pedal that does the same stuff
but more reliable? I had a look at the boss ones but
I don't want any auto quantize crap as I do some songs
in 15/8 etc (do you have to play to a click?)




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