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Re: Help

my problem with the boss loopers (as well as electro harmonix 2880) was 
their inability to sample short things.
any thing under a second (rough estimation) will have a gap at the end to 
fill up one bar
of a tempo the looper has made up.

if you loop longer things, you will not encounter this problem. simply 
down the metronome and you are fine.

smooth looping - tilmann

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From: "MATTHEW STEVENS" <mattstevensguitar@btinternet.com>
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Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2007 2:22 PM
Subject: Help

> Hello
> I need your help!
> My 2nd DL4 Has Just died on me and I'm sick of the
> bloody things breaking down!!!
> Can anyone recommend a pedal that does the same stuff
> but more reliable?  I had a look at the boss ones but
> I don't want any auto quantize crap as I do some songs
> in 15/8 etc (do you have to play to a click?)
> Thanks
> Matt
> www.myspace.com/mattstevensguitar