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David Gans to teach looping at Fur Peace Ranch

Gans to teach looping at Fur Peace Ranch
July 26th, 2007


Fur Peace Ranch Hosts Multi-Faceted Performer David Gans for Intimate 
Instructional Sessions

39495 St. Clair Rd. Pomeroy, Ohio | Friday, Sept. 28 - Monday, Oct. 1

Pomeroy, OH - Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch will host 
multi-faceted performer, guitarist, and songwriter David Gans Friday, 
September 28 through Monday, October 1 for a series of intimate 
instructional sessions on electric and acoustic guitar looping 

"I got the loop device as a way of enriching my solo performances," 
Gans explains. "I wanted to be able to record the chord changes of 
the song so I could play a guitar solo over top. But once I had that 
thing on the floor in front of me, I began to explore the creative 
possibilities. Now I'm able to improvise multi-layered musical 
structures onstage - and some of them become compositions after I get 
them into the studio for editing and analysis."

This first-hand workshop provides instruction in the use of a loop 
device as both an accompaniment for singer-songwriters and for the 
creation of multi-layered improvisations. Participating students need 
to bring a guitar that plugs in (acoustic or electric), and a Boss 
RC-20XL or RC-2 Loop Station.

For his live performances, Gans equips himself only with his sturdy 
baritone, a guitar and a pedal-controlled looping setup, the sum of 
which sounds anything but unaccompanied. Aside from these "solo" 
performances, Gans has performed with such legendary artists as Phil 
Lesh, Railroad Earth, Donna the Buffalo, New Riders of the Purple 
Sage, The String Cheese Incident, moe. and dozens of others. He has 
also written songs with a host of others, including Jim Page, Lorin 
Rowan, and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

Conceived in 1989 by Jorma & Vanessa Kaukonen, The Fur Peace Ranch is 
nestled in the rolling foothills of southeast Ohio. Over time it has 
evolved into an idyllic landscape of neatly arrayed cabins, workshop 
space, library, store, dining hall, plus a theater that hosts 
concerts performed by world-class musicians.

For class registration, please visit http://www.furpeaceranch.com


David Gans - david@trufun.com or david@gdhour.com
Truth and Fun, Inc., 484 Lake Park Ave. #102, Oakland CA 94610-2730
Blog:  http://logblog.gdhour.com
Web site: http://www.dgans.com