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Re: newb questions

most likely u have this choices:
hardware- looperlative http://www.looperlative.com/
software-mobius http://zonemobius.com/

--- Philip Pan <7stringviper@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Hello, I am very interested in live looping.  I know
> what I want functionally but I don't know what
> equipment has these capabilities.  My
> computer/software knowledge is also quite limited.
> Here's what I'm after:
> 1. Four or more independent loop banks that will
> automatically sync and can be individually recorded,
> played back, stopped and erased at any time in any
> order.
> 2. Multiple inputs from different instruments and
> MIDI.  The ones I have in mind now are a Zendrum
> (MIDI drum controller) and an electric 7-string
> violin.  Maybe vocals too.
> 3. Everything (record, play, stop, erase, switch
> tracks) controllable on the fly from stomp buttons. 
> 4. Save and download part or all to an external
> computer as desired.
> Is there any hardware looper that can do all this? 
> The closest I've seen is Digitech's GNX3 or 4.  I'm
> not sure if individual tracks can be played and
> stopped at will; I know they can be erased.
> My other option could be software-based with some
> kind of foot controller linked to a laptop.  Are
> there foot controllers that would work well for
> this?  How powerful a laptop would be required?  
> Thanks, I'm sure your answers will spawn a whole new
> set of questions!


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