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RE: Great quote about progress in creativity

Wow Rick ... thats my favorite quote ... honestly ... I heard it on a movie when I was a kid (little man tate) ... my second favorite is by the same guy:
Geoarge Bernhard Shaw said one day "I hate that man" ...
"but you don't know that man" I replied ...
"well of course ..... how could I possibly hate any man I knew?" replied George.
I don't know who wrote that one down .. but that is my other favorite shaw quote.

can we talk about the music industry sa-more ....
Perhaps we are heading back to the barn dance days .... when musicians had no real conception of "making it" ... if you did really well you might get to play for the rest of your tiny village ...... how bout that ??
Who was ever in this for money .... just play music and enjoy it .... the bills WILL pile up .... just get used to it .... smoke a lil' more and don't sweat it ...... there is no need to make money ... you have enough already .... hehehe.
There ... thats my 2 cent brainwashing ....... how 'bout it ?
> "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists to
> adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable."
> ------ George Bernard Shaw:
> I read this quote today while reading a thread about
> why the continued study of cellular automata is not
> a good idea considering the current state of funding in academia.
> It so reminded me of the collapsing current economic model of the music business
> and why it is so vital that we continue to create and put out our music to the
> world even if there is no economic paradigm to support our efforts currently.
> Yours in creativity and community and 'putting it out there'
> no matter how impractical it may seem,
> Rick Walker

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