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Great quote about progress in creativity

Yeah, very frequently,  I get people who ask me,
"why do you put so much effort into the things you do"
with the implication that I'm not making much money
or getting very famous doing it so why.

I should just print this out on a business card and wordlessly
hand it out the next time I get annoying queery.

Sadly,  I get this vibe the most from commercial casuals
musicians who are making all of their money from making music
and who seem really frustrated and bitter that the commercial
music world is changing so rapidly.  You gotta talk about something
on the break playing smooth jazz for a Humvie convention (lol, that was
the last one).    I like to talk about looping.

It's easy to see, however, why professional musicians are freaking
out a bit.   The music world is changing so rapidly and all of it points
towards it's being untenable for very many musicians to make any 
....let alone a decent living.

One musician (who is very creative and doesn't at all have this vibe),
Bill Pritchard, told me that before musicians were losing all their
gigs to DJs at parties.   Now,   it's the DJs who are starting to lose 
gigs to people who are renting p.a. systems to play their
own I-pods through.

Having been a professional musician for almost 30 years this is
soooooo bleak!

But then there is pure artistry and creativity and community and 
All things we have in incredible abundance in the wonderful community at 
Loopers Delight
(another thankful toast to Kim Flint for making this possible)!

Well,  the Loopfest is coming up in three months and my work for it  has 
already begun
in earnest.    It's looking like close to 60 artists are coming from 8 
countries (as far
away as Turkey, Singapore, Japan, England, Germany, Canada and Italy).

It's going to be awesome and it aint gonna make a dime.
LOL,  how entirely unreasonable, don't you think?


"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man 
persists to
adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the 

     ------ George Bernard Shaw: