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Re: newb questions

Hi Philip,
the most difficult option is your need to record audio and MIDI into 
loops. This will put any hardware device (and any single piece of 
software) that I know of out of the picture. None of the suggestions you 
received so far here will work for the whole picture (because of this 
First of all, please tell us what you expect when looping the audio 
material. Is it more of recording a clip and then let it repeat, or do you 
also want to work on that (like overdubbing on the very same clip)? If 
it's the first choice, then you could go with some phrase sampler-like 
thing. Don't know about hardware soultions, but  a software solution would 
be Ableton Live. Check out Kid Beyond's demo videos on this (also to be 
found on the Ableton website). If it's the second choice, you'll need both 
what we call a looper and a MIDI pattern sequencer - two hardware boxes or 
two pieces of software (which may work well together).
Regarding requirement 1: The Repeater only fulfils this if you use the new 
v2 software.
Foot controller: judging from the number of functions you want, you'll 
need a dedicated foot controller anyway. Lots of people use a Behringer 
FCB1010. It works well with the Repeater and with a laptop, I also think 
it will work with a Looperlative (anyone here using the FCB1010 with a 
Finally, one complete solution I could suggest would be:
Laptop with audio/MIDI interface (see also the various interface 
discussion here...)
Footcontroller (e.g. Behringer FCB1010).
Ableton Live for MIDI sequencing and as VST host
Mobius as VST plugin within Live for audio looping.

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Betreff: newb questions
Gesendet: Di, 31. Jul 2007
Von: Philip Pan<7stringviper@earthlink.net>

Hello, I am very interested in live looping.  I know what I want 
functionally but I don't know what equipment has these capabilities.  My 
computer/software knowledge is also quite limited. Here's what I'm after: 
1. Four or more independent loop banks that will automatically sync and 
can be individually recorded, played back, stopped and erased at any time 
in any order. 2. Multiple inputs from different instruments and MIDI.  The 
ones I have in mind now are a Zendrum (MIDI drum controller) and an 
electric 7-string violin.  Maybe vocals too. 3. Everything (record, play, 
stop, erase, switch tracks) controllable on the fly from stomp buttons.   
4. Save and download part or all to an external computer as desired. Is 
there any hardware looper that can do all this?  The closest I've seen is 
Digitech's GNX3 or 4.  I'm not sure if individual tracks can be played and 
stopped at will; I know they can be erased. My other option could be 
software-based with some kind of foot controller linked to a laptop.  Are 
there foot controllers that would work well for this?  How powerful a 
laptop would be required?   Thanks, I'm sure your answers will spawn a 
whole new set of questions!   

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