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RE: newb questions- The Electrix Repeater

The Electrix Repeater is a very good choice for your applications. If you use a flash card reader you can import data into computer.


I’ve used many hardware looping tools and this unit is hard to match. I plug mine into a MIDI drum machine and have hours of fun playing guitar for hours with myself


You’ll need a mixer of some kind to easily get multiple input sources routed into it or suffer having to repatch when switching inputs. I don’t suggest using AUX busses for this because just using a dedicated mixer or switcher of some kind for selecting inputs just works much better in my experience…


They’re on e-bay usually for about $600 and well worth the price.


Good luck!






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From: Philip Pan [mailto:7stringviper@earthlink.net]
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 10:56 PM
To: Loopers Delight Forum
Subject: newb questions


Hello, I am very interested in live looping.  I know what I want functionally but I don't know what equipment has these capabilities.  My computer/software knowledge is also quite limited.


Here's what I'm after:


1. Four or more independent loop banks that will automatically sync and can be individually recorded, played back, stopped and erased at any time in any order.


2. Multiple inputs from different instruments and MIDI.  The ones I have in mind now are a Zendrum (MIDI drum controller) and an electric 7-string violin.  Maybe vocals too.


3. Everything (record, play, stop, erase, switch tracks) controllable on the fly from stomp buttons. 


4. Save and download part or all to an external computer as desired.


Is there any hardware looper that can do all this?  The closest I've seen is Digitech's GNX3 or 4.  I'm not sure if individual tracks can be played and stopped at will; I know they can be erased.


My other option could be software-based with some kind of foot controller linked to a laptop.  Are there foot controllers that would work well for this?  How powerful a laptop would be required? 


Thanks, I'm sure your answers will spawn a whole new set of questions!