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Re: Midi Controller with Live

In a message dated 8/7/2007 1:02:58 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, matthjohnson@gmail.com writes:
At first I was looking at the M-Audio Axioms(25 and 49), but I have heard they are not the best quality and tend to break quicker than other units. However, I am still look for something in this key range, although I think a 49 would be too large.
I have the Axiom 49 and where as I haven't exactly thrown it under any buses lately, it is built pretty good and solid. I carry it to and from all over the place. I think you have to exercise caution when handling any electronic gear. As far as size is concerned, for me it's not important how many keys it has but rather what it's control surface offers. I wanted the pads and additional sliders & knobs that the 49 had that the 25 did not. Glad I did because I use them frequently.  

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