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[SUSPECTED SPAM] Re: battery-driven Mic PreAmp? - Roland MicroCube

At 7:02 PM +0100 8/7/07, andy butler wrote:
>>BUT, I have recently tried an experiment. As some of you know, I 
>>have been struggling to find a decent VST or software amp simulator 
>>or preamp that really makes the guitar sound like it should before 
>>going into the laptop. I have the acoustic guitar and mandolin 
>>figured out (LR Baggs para acoustic DI pre-amp)...it's a beautiful 
>>sound. It is the solid body electric guitar with it's seemingly 
>>lifeless and dry direct sound that is the issue. The electric 
>>guitar and amp with mic seem to be a match made in audio heaven, 
>>evolving together.
>Just a suggestion, but maybe it's worth looking at the DI/PreAmp 
>part of the setup.
>I'm using an old ADA MP1 ( or a TLA EQ1, but that's rather overkill)
>and getting some nice sounds just going straight to the pa.


Just to continue Andy's train of thought, you might also try looking 
at something like the Tech 21 SansAmp ParaDriver ( 
http://www.tech21nyc.com/paradriver.html ).  You don't even have to 
use it for its DI capabilities, but that's nice to have on hand for 
level matching too.

I'm not sure if it will get you the exact sound you're describing -- 
I know you're partial to some of the Roland amps, which are kinda 
their own beasties -- but it does sound good, and does a pretty 
decent job of amp emulation for a box the size of a cigarette pack.

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