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Re: Roland MicroCube (was battery-driven preamp]

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> Hi Krispen
> personally I'm quite happy with the MicroCube also and I also find the 
> simulations quite handy.
> But I can't believe that the quality is good enough for recording - even 
> better than a Mesa Boogie? I have to hear it myself to believe it.

Yes, of course "better" is a relative term here". It may not sound better 
some people, but at least from my perspective, the MicroCube is 
acceptable to generate a nice clean guitar tone. When plugging into the 
recording out jack of the amp, I can't really tell any difference than the 
larger Roland cube amps, and there plenty of professionals using those 
Also, you can't really judge the tone and recording capabiity of the amp 
listening to it stand-alone...it's just a tiny speaker. For all practical 
purposes, for recording or live apps, you could just stick the amp in a 
room behind the stage, mic it at a very low level, or just go out of the 
recording output.

> For Amp Simulation, I think I would prefer something like the Line6 POD.

I've used the PODs in the past. I used to have the POX Pro XT...not bad, 
I wasn't impressed with the clean jazz amp tone.

> Have you taken a look at the M-Audio Black Box? 
> http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/MAudioBlackBox-main.html
> If I'd be focused on guitar, I think that would be interesting for me.

Looks interesting, but too much like a "do it all" box to me. Plus I'm 
avoiding USB.