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Re: Ritardandi and accelerandi when live-looping.... any ideas?

Per Boysen wrote:
> A long standing frustration of mine is that I'm finding it so difficult 
> to do ritardandi and accelerandi when live-looping. Has anyone else been 
> thinking along the same lines? Maybe someone has ideas on how to get 
> away with it?

Yes, this is an issue.
A ritardando can be kind of done on EDP by doing lots of small
SUSInserts into the loop. 
Maybe it's possible to get that accurate enough to sound good.
(hmm, have to try that in a minute)
(or would you do that with Mobius scripts?)

Would be nice to have that feature available.
I can imagine that the loop could be split into 
equal chunks based on the time sig, and then those
chunks triggered at different rates to create tempo change 
without pitch change of time time stretching.

andy butler