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RE: New improv posted: Daryl Shawn and Warren Sirota

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the compliments. I did indeed record this with my MAX-based
looper - I have it set up to record 6 tracks at once - 2 for my live input,
2 for the aux input (in this case Daryl's live feeds, which included his
loops, which were not synced to mine), and 2 for my summed loop outputs.
After that, I took all the tracks into Ableton and then just adjusted
overall mix levels and spot-tamed a couple of high volume flashpoints that 
thought were problematic.

Unfortunately, Y2K is not in my budget for this year. So far, I've been on
an alternate year schedule for the left coast, so I'm hoping to be back for
Y2K8. But if your business takes you through NY at some point, you could
swing by here for a day or two.

At this point, I don't mind sharing my looper code - but I'm afraid that
maybe it's so complex and tangled that no-one else would be able to make
sense of it. MAX is a fascinating language, but structuring really large
amounts of code is quite a challenge, and not so amenable to the usual OO
techniques (except insofar as I move more of the code to Java externals).
And testing and debugging an implicitly multithreaded real-time system like
this is, ummm..., interesting, let's say.


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> Subject: Re: New improv posted: Daryl Shawn and Warren Sirota
> Nice job, Warren and Daryl!
> Warren, were you using max on this one? Are you going to Y2K? I've love 
> sit down with you this time and talk max stuff with our laptops open.
> Kris
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> Subject: New improv posted: Daryl Shawn and Warren Sirota
> > Hi,
> >
> > I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing Daryl and Jim Goodin's duo,
> > chinapainting, in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. It was a treat - all
> of
> > you going to loopfest in SC this fall should be sure to check them out.
> >
> > Last week, Daryl dropped in to visit here in Greenwood Lake, and we
> jammed
> > a
> > bit. I posted a recording of the first piece over on my home page, at
> > http://www.warrensirota.com. I think it came out rather well. Enjoy!
> >
> > Warren
> >