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Re: New improv posted: Daryl Shawn and Warren Sirota

Warren again it was so kind of you to come to our first live-in-person Chinapainting show in Brooklyn.  Thanks so much for making the trek down to Brooklyn.
Man this suite of music you and Daryl created is really cool.  Love the patches and the intricacy particularly mid-way in the piece with some of your digital voicing and Daryl's trademark analog 4-track artistry/loops.  Excellent job guys and I have visions of Greenwood Lake which I haven't a clue what it's like there but this incarnation gives me a feeling of southern Louisana through the bogs at mid-night about 20 years ago.  Good stuff guys!

On 8/13/07, Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:

I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing Daryl and Jim Goodin's duo,
chinapainting, in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. It was a treat - all of
you going to loopfest in SC this fall should be sure to check them out.

Last week, Daryl dropped in to visit here in Greenwood Lake, and we jammed a
bit. I posted a recording of the first piece over on my home page, at
http://www.warrensirota.com. I think it came out rather well. Enjoy!


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