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Re: New improv posted: Daryl Shawn and Warren Sirota

> Interesting sounds, Warren! The non-guitar sounding parts, is that  your 
> synth guitar? Guess you're playing with your custom built Max  looper?

Speaking of the gtr synth, Warren. This is where I'd like to pick your 
brain. I have this vision of creating a max/msp version of the old Roland 
GR-300 guitar synth...you know, the one that Metheny and Abercrobmie used 
us that has the really organic, and "grunty" violin/horn like sound to it. 
think it is basically some sort of saw wav based synth, but with other 
things added. I have the beginnings of the synth opearting in max now 
fiddle~ to convert my real time audio into frequency data for the synth 
objects), but it is squirelly and out of control. The tone is getting