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Re: NI gtr rig looping

GR-2 has a loop machine that has many of the features of the rang and  
it has been easy to use with the dedicated controller so it would be  
with any midi controller
it is simple and designed specifically as a  live looper

> I would not advice anyone to waste time in trying to loop with the  
> built-in cassette tape rack simulation. It seems to be rather  
> targeting guitar players that want to learn licks by repeating them  
> against an original audio clip

certainly true but using the loop machine tool in the current version  
is a very dif story
and thats what i was talking about

i'm using it in hi rez on a G5 2x2G, agreed i think the sound is very  
i'm looking at warming it up a bit, i'm running it thru a pair of
EV SxA100s it is punchy, solid sound
as you said the efx are fantastic, i have been trying not to give in  
to myself and lock
myself away for a month just to write sounds, i have work to do  
dammit but the options are staggering
i'm not as thrilled about the models and cabs as some folks, i  
already have some nice DI sounds
and will still use just a little of my analog gear as a front end but  
i wanted to mention that the
looping in particular seems very good
i think anyone looking to check out a SW looper would not be wasting  
their time at all to check out GR-2
it also has a harmonic synth module that is good at creating a bass  
sound off the guitar and handy
for looping, you can switch sounds on the fly without effecting the  
status of the looper
so you can do an awful lot just in GR2 in building a loop
ya freaked me out just as i was diggin into it  - i'm the sensitive  
sort ;-)
but after spending the last 2 days looping with it, unless i'm missin  
i think its looping capabilities are one of its strong points
check out the loop machine in the tools section
imo it is a very good real time looper

peace        steve