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Re: Sparce 'n Spacey, part 2: fretless guitar

More on Ned here, who happens to live here in Boise.

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Subject: Re: Sparce 'n Spacey, part 2: fretless guitar

> Here's a clip of Ned Evett playing one of his modified Fernandez gtr's -
> with a glass fretboard and onboard sustainiac.
> Playing over a short reversed tanpura like loop.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjiF4DtDyyA
> Maybe someone should send him a doublenecked Epiphone SG to get it 
> converted.
> Glass Neck Conversion Price: $499.00
> http://www.fretlessguitar.com/guitarsite/home.html
>> At 10:59 AM +0200 8/14/07, Per Boysen wrote:
> So I'm hoping for making me
> a second fretless guitar in the future, with a finger board of some
> extremely hard wood, metal or glass.
>> Per, if you're going to tackle making a second fretless, here's another 
>> thought: go for a 12-string.