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Re: Looping and Latency (was Re: Laptop Looping)

 > If I monitor from the soundcard (hardware monitoring) there is a
 > latency difference vs. monitoring from the program, yes?

Yes, IF the software you are using does not do latency compensation.

 > I said "monitor through mobius".  It could have been
 > "monitor through software".  Same thing.

Not exactly.  This is what we mean when we talk about latency
compensation in Mobius.  You can use "zero latency" monitoring
with your audio hardware, then if latency is properly calibrated
in Mobius it will shift your overdubs so that they are in perfect
alighment with what you are hearing as you play.  It may take some
tweaking to get it exactly right.

 > The main issue for me is
 > being in sync with the loops I'm making; that's easier for me if i  
 > monitoring thru on in Mobius and turn off hardware monitoring on the
 > soundcard.

That works too. But it isn't the only way of working.  I always monitor
from an external hardware mixer then use latency compensation to align
the overdubs.  Sometimes it's easier to do it your way though.  If  
experimenting with other plugins that add their own latency it's  
easier to
use "monitor through software" than to keep having to stop and
recalibrate latency.