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Looping and Latency (was Re: Laptop Looping)

I should add that I am playing an electric instrument - phase
cancellation with the direct instrument sound is a non-issue. 
Everything goes thru the computer, gets the same delay amount from the
soundcard a2d and d2a and then to the playback amplifier.  Lag comp is
turned on in the host for the looping tracks. 

> >Mobius doesn't delay the signal, it's just a pass-through bridge.  
> >Latency happens at three major stages: At the AD conversion when the
> >signal enters the software domain (digitalization), when passing  
> >through certain plug-ins (not all, some plug-ins are able to process
> >the signal without delaying it) and finally at the DA conversion at 
> >the sound card's output.
> If I monitor from the soundcard (hardware monitoring) there is a
> latency difference vs. monitoring from the program, yes?  A A2D and
> D2A
> are skipped.  I said "monitor through mobius".  It could have been
> "monitor through software".  Same thing.  The main issue for me is
> being in sync with the loops I'm making; that's easier for me if i
> turn
> monitoring thru on in Mobius and turn off hardware monitoring on the
> soundcard.   

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