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a few questoins about the rc20

Hello Loopers,
  i've been using the rc20 for about a year now, and i've a few questions 
regarding possible modifications.

 please accept my apologies in advance, i am not very techy.

   is there a way to get the click as a separate signal out?  i'm guessing 
that being that there's a flashing green/red light, there might be a way 
to 'hijack' that signal and put it into a separate out-going track, one 
that could be then redistributed via headphones and such?  

  for whatever reason, i cannot sync to the light alone.  i'm playing a 
lot of complex rhythms, and i need to hear the click, i just don't want an 
audience to hear it.

   "the erase/bring-back whatever was last last recorded" function 
(holding down left pedal for a few seconds), any way of making that an 
instantaneous function?  

 are these things possible or should i be looking at other equipment, and 
if so, suggestions?

thank you all, 

i'm just wondering if any of these things are even possible.