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AW: RME Firewire 800 and Guitar Amp Sim - Preamps

Hi Krispen and Luca, 

Krispen about his guitar tone:
"...I tend to turn the high end nobs down to 0% or at the most 25%, mid
range about 45%, and low end anywhere between 50% to 80%. That generally
gets me the EQ I like."

Have you read Nels Cline's opinion about guitar amps ang guitar tone,
especially in his "amp de jour" article? He seems to be using about the 
settings as you are.

And Luca said:
"The electric guitar by itself is basically a piece of wood with a pickup
and strings on it....sounds like total  crap when you run it through a
regular line input or mixer board, etc."

Although I'm well aware of the fact that you have years of deep research in
electric guitar sound under your belt, I dare to disagree here. It doesn't
sound total crap, it just doesn't sound what people come to expect from
electric guitar sound. Same goes if you take a really good drumkit, put it
in a good room and mike it with two or maximum three excellent mikes (no
close-miking, mind you), record that properly and then play that recording
to contemporary pop/rock listeners and ask them whether this is a good drum