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Re: OT: RME Firewire 800 and Guitar Amp Sim - Preamps

I am opening now, but which of the two scearios is depicted by the sound 
clips. Guitar to audio interface to recorder, or guitar to preamp, to 
interface? That would make a big difference for me.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with self promotion. :)

----- Original Message ----- 

> Please don't take it as self promotion but I would like Kris to listen 
> "Su Me" or "with Mr. Lawson" and tell me if he finds a sterile and 
> tone in the guitars there.
> http://myspace.com/lucaformentini
> I am sorry I can't put any tracks of the new album ( which is scheduled 
> for release Oct. the 2nd) on line because there there is going to be a 
> very wide assortment of different sounds made with the same system.
> As I said in my first post, maybe I am crazy, but I am in love with the 
> sound I can get going direct to audio card or with a preamp between the 
> audio card and the guitar ( and no speaker emulators at all).
> Anyway, to everyone its own, and to everyone the chance to set his own 
> limits.
> my best,
> luca
> www.unguitar.com
> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "andy butler" 
>>> A third option would be to use a dedicated instrument DI input.
>>> A mixer line level input isn't designed to have a guitar plugged 
>>> straight into it,
>>> even if there's enough gain the tone is affected by the impedance 
>>> mismatch.
>>> andy butler
>> But what will be the real audible result to the output? Better 
>> range?
>> Less noise? Better dynamic range? More clarity? Essentially, enhancing 
>> the tone that I don't
>> like to begin with. :)  Now if that little DI is adding a nice Fender 
>> Tweed or Boogie tube tone, with
>> some subtle breakup, a variable response to how hard I pick, etc. then 
>> now we're talking....more like fantasizing.
>> Kris
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