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Re: im about to start a war

Any discount I can get is great.  I will seriously consider this advise. $2300 is a good price! I went directly to the Apple site, and priced out a macbook pro, 15" screen, 2.4 ghz duo core, and then added 4gig of RAM, the larger 7200rpm hardrive, and Apple care...all added up to about $3600. My mother is an educator, so she could knock that down to $3300 if she bought the unit for me, since it is around my birth day when I planned on buying it. :)
Do I really need that faster hard drive though?
I agree, Mobius is the shit. I was never able to get it running as a VST in MAX....couldn't controll it via MIDI like I do with Reaktor.

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couple ideas for you as far as that goes...

i got a 15 inch, cuz i've carried a 17inch for the past 3 years... no complaint, just wanted to try something different...

so there was some money off right there...

(plus i'm beginning to deal with hiding the computer a little, just running it with a small touch screen, that's my next goal, so smaller is better anyway.. )

next, I've started buying refurbished directly from the apple store... i'll let you know how this works, but my best friend has had no problems doing this for years...

the machines have been gone over with a fine tooth comb, and therefore are not just off the factory line.  I save 300 there as well which covers my applecare costs which are still available even and especially since it's refurbished...

my macbookpro cost me 2300 with applecare.

I think you are going to be a particular power user cuz you have all the windows stuff under your belt.. so using bootcamp will be like using a freeway for you...

So far, however, Mobius is looking so very impressive to me (like i haven't known that from all you guys) that I may be running my audio from the windows partition from now on... crazy...

Let's see what Jesse comes up with in his new SL edition though...

thanks for the empathy, however...


On 8/29/07, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net > wrote:
I hear you Todd.  There will be some trade-offs. The first time I got on a mac, I couldn't even figure out how to find a file or the hard-drive. It was like the interface was so simple, that I was crippled. Of course, mac users make comments about PC/XP when they use them for the first time...having difficulty finding things, frustrated by the fact that there are 10 different ways to do the same thing, and that if you want you can really f*ck up the machine by digging into system files, etc.
I hope I can make it all past this when I get my macbook pro...otherwise, I'll really be regretting spending $3600 on a new mac.
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I must chime in here for just a moment...

I just got my first MacBookPro, my first Intel machine, in other words.. I've never ventured toward windows in my life before...

Now I know why...

Granted, my old warhorse is starting to fall apart, so i needed another machine anyway, but I'm most excited to be able to finally use MOBIUS...

So using Boot Camp, I installed windows...

I'm still progressing toward getting it working smoothly, but, my god, WHAT an obtuse operating system.  I'm wasting time just FINDING things...

so I realize I'm not addressing the performance angle you guys are dealing with, but I've already wasted enough time that I'm already questioning whether using MOBIUS is time efficient, so what does THAT say about this platform.  I've heard plenty of stories about drivers and conflicts ( like Kris has mentioned ), but so far, of course, i'm okay...

I know, I know, I'll figure it out, but jeez...



On 8/29/07, BreachinThePeace@aol.com < BreachinThePeace@aol.com> wrote:
I am running around work here today (in a loop) like a chicken with it's ass on fire. Sorry, but the old "head cut off" is a bit too graphic for some of the younger member's fragile sensibilities. I just got WAAAAY ahead of myself and I do apologize. Last time I checked there were practically no specialized or optimized music PCs with over 2 gig of ram.
I was referring to, and without making any intelligible reference to, the optimized PCs for around 2000.00 USD per my initial post. Yep, you can get pretty much anything you want if you have enough money. No question.
The point is the fact you can get VERY capable and excellent optimized PC laptops for 2K and where as (unlike PCs) you can get killer performance from the Mac Book Pros right out of the box, it will cost a hell of a lot more money (roughly twice). Other than 4gig of RAM, what are you getting that is black n white superior? Hmmm? 
What can these magic Macs do that comparable PCs cannot?
Why do the majority of audio software developers start with PCs and add Mac drivers later once the Mac attack reaches a deafening crescendo ?
If I could have any laptop that I am personally familiar with right now for free, it would be the grand daddy Mac Book Pro. No question and I have always stated, they are the most quality mass production computer on the planet. Only thing, I had 2500.00 big ones and I must say, my MusicXPC M4x kicks sum serious tail for a system that I would have had to spend close to twice that for to get any better a system at the time. The ONLY improvement would have been more RAM.
bye, back to work, hope I didn't botch this one up too much! Peace,me
In a message dated 8/29/2007 1:02:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, khartung@cableone.net writes:
IMO, there is POSITIVELY NO ADVANTAGE from an average to above average musician/dj/music related application stand point to using ether a PC or Mac unless you are talking strictly laptops.
I thought we were talking laptops here, but are you sure? POSITIVELY NO ADVANTAGE  is a very strong phrase, man. You've disproven all possible cases where there could be an advantage? That seems like a blanket statement. I'm sure it is correct in some contexts, but this seems like a situational context to me, where there is a lot of systematic relativity at play.
The hardware as is currently made available to the Mac Book Pro user is superior to any PC laptop that I am currently familiar with. This is strictly based on their capacity for RAM. (2gig PC - 4gig Mac)
Heh? What are you talking about? I can go out right now and buy 10 laptops from 10 different PC manufacturers, with 4gig of RAM.  What do you mean by superior?
Everything else you will hear here or on ANY forum is merely personal opinion based on limited experience.
You mean like saying one piece of hardware is "Superior" to another based on an incorrect assumption? :)

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