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Re: im about to start a war

Dear Todd,
I feel compelled to respond to your rant about
how clunky you think Windows is as an operating system.

Different operating systems have different paradigms.
Of course, it will take you time to learn how to use it.
Different human beings designed it.  Of course there will be things you
hate about a new system (especially if you are unused to it---I'm forever 
swearing at
my G4 laptop when it siezes up on me............I just don't know it very 
well compared
to my PC desktop music workstation).

I've always done Windows so working on a new Mac system is really clunky 
(merely because I don't know it yet).    The lack of sophisticated right 
click functionality alone
makes me much faster on a PC than on a Mac system,  but most of that is
just because it's what I know.

Try going from Sonar to Logic or Cubase..............they do roughly the 
same things but the
gui is different and the way you think is different.

I don't want to be an apologist for all the flaws of Windows,   but there 
so much more fascinating
software being developed for it...............there are especially many , 
many more free plugins being developed for it.
There are incredible programs like Sony Vegas,  Acid,  Sound Forge (still 
for my money the best and easiest sound
editor on both platforms and I've used all of them),  FLStudio Producers 
Edition, Granulab,  Tuareg,  etc., etc.
that it's tough to hear people bash it so much in these posts.

I believe that to say that you don't like it and don't want to use it is 
really valid,
but to complete diss a very, very sophisticated music creation environment
because you don't like it borders on ignorance and potentially can come 
as  arrogance.

World class music is made every day on PCs................as well as Macs.

I made my last two CDs entirely on a PC system that had a single core 2.4 
mghz processor and
a whopping 512 megs of RAM.

When people review the music they never say,   "wow, you ignoramous,  you 
didn't use a Mac with
it's obviously superior operating system to create this".    They never 
"what an asshole , you
only used 512 megs of RAM and a single core dinosaur processor to create 

No, they talk about the music which is really what it's all about in the 
long run.

Additionally,  I because I live off of my artistry and don't have a ton of 
money,  I have to be sensitive to cost.
I'd love to be able to shell out $3,600 it would take to get the fully 
tricked out MacBook pro with the 4 gigs of RAM
and the superduper fast hardrive  plus the $900 for the tricked out RME 
break out box but
I just don't have that money to spend.

One of the things about PCs when you are on a budget is, that if you have 
desktop machine you can improve
your machine $100 to $200 at a time by purchasing just barely trailing 
It's not so cheap and easy to do that (especially with motherboards and 
processors) in the Mac world.

So,    Macs fucking rule and I heartily applaud anyone who loves their 
It's okay for those of us who are in the PC world to love the setups we 
have, too, however

If you use a tricked out Macbook pro and make incredible looping music 
make Andre LaFosse less of an artist because he uses a Gibson Echoplex with
and Apple IIC neanderthal processor in it.

Of course not.

No us and them,  brother..............................only US!

All respect,   Rick Walker