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Re: on/off topic & fo*um & Bernhard!

On 30 Aug 2007 at 19:59, Jeffrey Larson wrote:

> Yes.  The LDOT list is busy with discussions of liver pate,
> sauna building, nose flutes, 

What about nose flute using circular breathing? That would seem to be 
a form of nasal looping?

Having found many frustrations in using a "advert hosted" forum, I've 
transferred my nascent looping forum and started afresh;


*Please* don't chime in to say what a bad idea you think this is or 
re-open the gaping wound of previous similar threads. If you hate it, 
ignore it. If you enjoy the forum format, please make use of it. It's 
unlikley to cause any seismic shifts in your work load ;)

On a positive note, I've *finally* found a means to make the album 
I've recorded with Bernhard Wagner available for download and not 
lose huge percentages to 3rd parties. So within a few weeks, you'll 
be able to get your ears on "No Worn Bearings" (geddit?) - his and my 
loops mixed and arranged by myself and released by English Electric. 

There's an early mix here


direct link