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OT: FS Acoustic Modeling Preamp

Hi Loopsters....
I am selling a preamp which may be of interest to those of you on the list who use acoustic guitars.
I have a new DTAR MamaBear Digital Acoustic Preamp for sale. There has been a thread recently about modelers, and this is the one modeler which I like. Rather than trying to morph your gtr into something it is not, it allows you to rather "layer" the sound of your own gtr in with the sound of some very classic acoustic gtrs (various Martins, slope and jumbo Gibsons, L5, Maccaferi, Taylors and even National dobros...), as heard from several feet away (the "acoustic" sound of the instrument).
It also does wonders to remove any of the dreaded piezo "chirp".
Designed to work with UST and Mag Soundhole pickups (won't work with dual source, SBT, or mics).
Features bypass, phase invert, in and out level controls and a fine and usable DI.
(from the DTAR site...)
"For years, acoustic guitars have relied on pickups for amplification. One problem: Even the best acoustic guitars deliver an oversimplification of true acoustic tone complexity when amplified. Using something called AGE™ technology, Mama Bear takes your guitar into the digital realm, neutralizes the pickup, and then restores the natural body resonance. The result: now the finest acoustic guitars can sound like, well… themselves. Only louder."
Provides 16 different digital filter choices to neutralize the sound of your pickup so the AGE™ technology can go to work. . AGE™ technology provides 16 amazing guitar sounds emulated from 16 amazing guitars, from parlors to super jumbos. Allows you to dial up the guitar that matches your guitar's body shape, or emulate other shapes.
I have used it with great success on my Godin semi-acoustic basses, as well as other ABGs. I am selling only cos the Rick Turner (who designed the MamaBear) basses I am now using just don't really need this little bit 'o magic (yes, they really do sound THAT good!). LAst week I did a solo gig where I forgot to pack the MamaBear. Running the Turner basses straight into a Demeter Tube DI and onto an AI amp sound incredible...so I am giving thought to slimming down my setup (again).
Tho designed for acoustic gtrs....acoustic basses benefit from it as well.
I don't really like modelers....they just don't do it for me, but the MB does. It has fantastic sound (with basses and even moreso on acoustic gtrs....) Very clean and warm and simple to use.
It is barely 2 mos old (the second of these I have bought...) and comes with power supply, soft DTAR case and mic stand mount adaptor
E mail me privately off list if interested.

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