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I have encountered a problem controlling my EDP with an fcb1010 midi
controller. I used the PC editor as suggested to program the
fcb1010 and after the third try with sysex send.... got
control of the plex....not too bad for a newbie. I have started with the basic
7 footswitch commands and they all initiate when pressed. The
problem I am having is this:

I power on and record the first loop....no problems and all functions
available thru the pedal and EDP...everything works as it should until I
reset record on the EDP using the midi foot controller or
the front panel and start a new loop.... it plays only one cycle of the
loop and then stops. I have reset the EDP to factory defaults to
make sure i havent inadvertantly changed a paramater... . then i also
discovered you have to reset the echoplex presets....
thru further experimentation i have found that apparently the
initial use of the midi controller changes a preset parameter in the
echoplex after the first loop..which one i cant figure ....i have
established this by resetting the presets after disconnecting the
fcb1010 and using the echoplex footswitch.. once i do this everything
is back to normal with the plex...as long as i use the the gibson pedal....when i go back to the midi pedal the problem comes back...what plex paramater will stop the loop after one cycle? and how is the midi pedal changing the plex paramaters / presets when all i have programmed in the pedal are note ons for the echoplex 7 front panel buttons?

i know im a newbie but i have scoured the files and see nothing
related to this so....any help sent my way will be greatly


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