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Re: Following Acoustic Musicians with Looper

The Repeater works well in this setup. You can either tap the tempo as you 
play, and the Repeater will speed up or slow down accordingly, or you can 
if I remember correctly) even have it sync to an acoustic bass drum track. 
I never did that with the Repeater, but with a Quasimidi Sirius sending 
i clock to a Repeater.

Other possibilties:
1. Make sure somebody who is able to dominate the tempo (normally, a loud 
rummer) can hear your loop very clearly. At best, very loud in his inears. 
I also played with a drummer who was very happy to look at the flashing 
 tempo light of my KP2 synced to the Repeater.

2. Use loops which work well with tempo changes.

3. Learn to play very tight.


> To make a long story short: What looping features & skills do you need 
>to be
> able to play live with other musicians?
> How do you keep in sync and keep up with tempo properly (acoustic
> instruments only and no drummer with a midi trigger)?