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Re: Boomerang

End of '07 is what I heard.

IT's not my business so I can't really say, but the RANG III is delayed
already from release earlier this year because of the Delay pedal.  Not
sure why when the bread and butter of the company was the Rang Plus, a
great unit for stage that had a few minor probs, they should choose to
de-focus themselves from making a kick rear third generation product to
provide a chorus delay (that looks cool but really, why the lack of

Also, I'm concerned about the ergonomics of the pdeal.  The pic and dims
of the current E-155 are equal to the dims of the Rang III.  This means
the buttons are about 1.25 inches wide and a little over 1.75 inches
between them.  That seems terribly unforgiving for a pedal that's supposed
to be for stage use.


> In a message dated 10/8/07 12:22:02 AM, tomson.sowonja@cba.com.au writes:
>> Boomerang 3
> tom.....mike nelson sent me some paper to pass out at y2k7 about the RANG
> and the CHORUS*DELAY PEDAL (E-155).....it said something like an end of
> year
> DEC 07   RANG release, but you know how those predictions work out, the
> (E-155) max delay 2 seconds, is shipping now.....a small blurb on the 
> III used
> the "M" word, "the initial release may not have MIDI, but it will be 
> as
> quickly as possible and upgrading is possible via the internet. THERE 
> be
> no USB connectivity nor permanet loop storage.".....i'm just a friendly
> messanger and know nothing about nothing.....:).....i do know that i
> really want to
> get my hands on that puppy.....mike nelson and company are burried with
> the
> release of the CHORUS*DELAY PEDAL so i would suggest being patient about
> the
> RANG for now.....i told him he had better pick up the pace, or
> else!.....:).....michael
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