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I sent in an off topic post that I really wanted people alerted to
so they wouldn't be bugged by it and could remove it.

Here's what I sent in my header:

"WAY OFF TOPIC:   music trip advice sought"

When I got the daily digest here is what it had as a header in the digest:

"music trip advice sought"

with no indication of the fact that I was responsible about making an OFF 
TOPIC identification.

I'm confused and frustrated.  Is the condenscing of Subject headers
handled automatically or by hand?

If it is done by hand,   could I please request that OFF TOPIC posting 
be left in
so as not to bug people who don't want to read them.

Frankly,   I was really sorry to see the off topic postings put at another 
I think it dilutes the community............I think it takes a lot more 
to read through
the split communities mail now and if you want a response from the 
on an
off topic subject you can't get it by going to the new site.

Is anyone else with me on this one.
I want to go back to teh way it was and then encourage to be responsible 
off topic posting labellings.

yours,  Rick Walker