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Re: On vs off topic -and- irritating people...

Many years ago, the list was defined as below.  It used to be that if
things got nasty or persistently off-topic (guitar-centric posts for
example), Kim [the list owner who pays for all this, since it does
cost money] would offer a sometimes pointed reminder.

Lately he appears to have taken a much more laissez faire  attitude,
and several of the guidelines below are routinely ignored (plain text
posts, judicious editing of responses, etc.).



What is the Looper's Delight Mailing list? What types of things are
discussed on it?

Loopers Delight is a forum for discussing loops and loop based music.
For posting, make sure you send to

There isn't much that is considered off-topic, but it should somehow
relate to looping if you don't want to irritate people. Past, present
and future topics include looping devices and setups (Oberheim
Echoplex, Lexicon Jam Man and Vortex, Boomerang, samplers, MIDI,
effects, mixers, speakers, etc). We've also had threads about
improvisation, creativity, books, recordings, computers, Torn, Fripp,
Eno , DJs, ambient, industrial, minimalist music, hip hop, drum and
bass, Indian Classical music, sequencing, looping theory and
philosophy, etc., etc. You name it, we've probably discussed it.

Are there posting guidelines for the Looper's Delight Mailing list?

Please set your mail program to use plain text when posting to
Looper's Delight. Posts formatted in HTML or rich text are annoying on
mailing lists, since not everybody can see those. They also use up
many times more bandwidth and disk space than plain text emails.

Do not attach any files to your posts, as most people don't like
getting file attachments from lists. This also includes those inane
vcard things, background image graphics, audio files, etc. None of
this junk is necessary for conveying your message anyway.

When replying to another list post, please try to edit judiciously the
previous poster's message that you are replying to. Don't leave the
entire thing on there, as that is a waste of bandwidth, disk space,
and time for everybody on the list. Please use a reply style that
clearly shows which is your new text and which is the old text you are
replying to. The traditional method of placing a > in front of
previous text is perfect for this, and most email programs have a
setting to do this automatically. Also, replies are set to
automatically go back to the list, so please check the address if you
want to reply to somebody privately.

On 10/10/07, Cara Quinn <CaraQuinn@onemodelplace.com> wrote:
>    Hi All, First off, let me apologize for my recent OT musings.
> :)  Secondly, I'd like to agree with Rick in this regard, that I
> *personally* feel that having a second list for 'Looper's Delight' posts 
> not only annoying but to me at least, against the nature of the list the
> way it was started.  To my knowledge, this has never been simply a 'gear'
> list, and God, I hope it never becomes just that.  :)  I'd be out of here
> so damned fast it wouldn't even be funny!  lol!