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Re: vortex

When Lexicon first introduced them, they went for something like $399,
and bombed.  It was only after Guitar Center blew them out at like
$129 that they really caught on.  Four bills for something that
wouldn't do "the basics" (basic chorus/reverb/delay) and had no MIDI
didn't sit well with the market at the time, and the morphing thing
was too esoteric to go over with the masses.

I remember mine being too sensitive on input headroom, i.e. it didn't
seem to have any.  Plus, a fair amount of hiss on several patches and
a crap UI.  There were some great sounds in it though.


On 10/12/07, Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:

> I have had 2 Vortex units for quite awhile now and love 'em.
> Seemingly endless possibilities to do what they were designed to do.
> Not sure why Alesis decided to stop manufacturing and selling them as
> quickly as they did, since they are still sought after, even today.
> But, that's one of the all-too-familiar-now mystery experiences in
> the music biz. :-)