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Re: Kevin's theramin performance - amazing

I wonder if you could get theremin sounds like with
the new vg-99 i just saw the video it looks
exciting,specially being able to change pitch and
doing sound maipulation with hand movement anybody try
it yet?
--- kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com wrote:

> Quoting Qua Veda <qua@oregon.com>:
> > Hi Kevin,
> > Your theramin performance was amazing.  Thick rich
> tones, and beautiful
> > compositions!
> > A real highlight for me at y2k7
> >
> > -Qua
> >
> Qua, Jim, and to all,
> Thank you very much for your kind comments about my
> looped theremin  
> set.  The outpouring of support is much-appreciated
> and I feel  
> motivated to create more looped music.
> I learned much from watching and listening to
> everyone (I heard nearly  
> all of the sets).  Your music, conversation, and
> encouragement means a  
> lot to me.  I am sure that everyone at the festival
> left with ideas,  
> energy, and motivation to create more amazing music!
>  I'm pleased to  
> be a part of the looping community.
> Sincerely,
> Kevin


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