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Re: AW: AW: y2k7 mp3s

>> The ideal would be a 4-track recording with stereo foh and 
>> ambience mics.
> Now, to minimize effor for Krispen here: why don't those people who 
> need the aforementioned 4-track setup do a recording of the signal they 
> to FOH?
>       Rainer

but that wouldn't give a 4-track recording,
just 2 unsynced stereo versions.
Might work if the ambience mic was pointed away from the sound source.
..but it's not practical to accurately resync  digital recordings.

> Especially for laptop users, 
...um ;-)

actually, I was really pleased just to have the foh that Krispen did.
(and would have been happy with a miced version).

andy butler