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Re: y2k7 mp3s

Ah, what fun. Okay, I'll reveal the secret. Track 1 below was recorded 
with just one AKG C1000. I started with two but I had cable problems. 
#2 is just the tiny, stock stereo 1/8 inch mic that comes with the M-Audio 
MicroTrack recorder.  Heh heh....funny.  In fact, all the recordings from 
Friday night, after that initial mono recording of Kaiser, were recorded 
with the m-audio stereo mic. Saturday and Sunday were recording with 
C1000s, once I figured out the problem.

I'm with Rainer. I disklike all of them (except for soundboard 
If I could afford it, I'd rather use some really expensive high end mics, 
go back to soundboard recordings. All the mics just seem to butcher my 
memory of the real experience, hearing with my own ears.


> Here is an experiment:
> Listen to both of these recordings of Henry Kaiser at Y2K7, or just the 
> first minute of each file to get a flavor of the sound.
> http://www.box.net/shared/8bqpziuucu (#1)
> http://www.box.net/shared/eab932crud (#2)
> Can anyone here any differences in the two files? If so, what? Which one 
> do you prefer?