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Re: new composition influenced by looping and some ramblings

Very nice Kev... :)

Now, the real question is, would I have thought it was 'Elfman-esque', if 
I had
not seen your comment regarding Nightmare before Christmas? hmmmm...


Quoting kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com:

> Hi,
> I'd like to share my latest composition with you entitled "The Sad  
> Little Ghost".
> http://kevinkissinger.com/sadlittleghost.shtml
> This is the first non-looping work I've composed for nearly a year  
> however I think my work with live looping has influenced my non-looped  
> work in a few ways, namely:
> 1) the orchestral tracks are minimal and utilize repetition -- similar  
> to looped material
> 2) the lead (theremin) part is economical -- eschewing "fireworks" and  
> focusing on expressive sustained notes.
> I am grateful to the folks on the LD list for MANY ideas that have  
> become part of my musical vocabularly.  A few recent examples:
> . in my organ improvisations I am much more inclined to play in a  
> "looped" style... while I am not looping via hardware I often build a  
> motive and then just keep it going in my left (or right) hand and then  
> weave melodies around it with my spare hand or feet.  (I don't know if  
> the church I play at is ready for hardware looping... however I may  
> try it sometime  **grins** )
> . last Sunday, at the end of one improv, I played a single note melody  
> alone on a plantive stop... this was an idea suggested on the LD list.  
>   And, why not?  With loop devices we can turn one-note-a-time  
> instruments into ensembles.  Why not do the opposite and play a  
> polyphonic instrument as if it is a mono instrument?
> Folks commented that my set at the Y2K7 Loopfest sounded "orchestral"  
> -- and I think that my interest in ensemble texture influenced that.   
> I have found over the last year that my looped and non-looped work  
> influence each other.
> The Y2K7 Loopfest was like a massive recharge to my musical batteries.  
>   It was a chance to just sit back and soak up music from everyone.  I  
> think the word "unique" is overused in the music biz however each set  
> WAS unique and each was high-quality.
> In particular, one of the challenges with looped music and with music  
> in general is to create effective endings.  To see the different  
> approaches to this aspect of looping was enlightening, to say the  
> least.   Incidentally, the ending to "The Sad Little Ghost" just flew  
> into my DAW ... no struggle.
> Forgive my rambling here.  Though it has been a week since the  
> loopfest, I am still on a real "high" from it and look forward to  
> creating a lot of new looped and non-looped music as a result.
> -- Kevin

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